Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Rampart's Walk
 Last Sunday (Reminder: Sundays are actually like our Saturdays because we worship on Saturday) a group of us went on "Rampart's Walk" which is a walk on top of the walls surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem. It was so fun! It was such a different view of the city and I loved it.
 A group of us on the wall overlooking the Old City.
 Some friends of mine on the walk - it was so cool. Afterwards we broke into smaller groups and me, Jane, Susanna, and Mikkel decided to explore the Old City. We actually ended up shopping and I bought a blue BYUJ shirt & a super cute teal ring. At first the man trying to sell it to me wanted 70 shekels. I gave him a look. He then said 60. I said "No, sorry. I can't" "What's your price range?" "20" "Then 20 it is" ...and that Ladies and Gents is how you haggle your way down in the Holy Land! (Fyi: 20 shekels is $5) I wish I was better at describing how COOL the Old City is. But I will make a video soon and you'll see. It's amazing.

Field Trip to Beersheva & Arad
 Monday was field trip day - yet again. Usually when we go somewhere as a group I get up, get ready, go and have fun. But for some reason I was SOOO excited for this field trip!!! I felt like a kid back in elementary school again! I think it was the fact that we were going to the desert and it would be 80 degrees and it would feel like being home in Arizona. So naturally the night before I put on some music, danced my away around my room as I packed up for a day in the Negev desert! This photo is of me & Tess wearing our awesome hard hats at site Beersheva (Notice the Mesquite trees in the background just like in the 480!).
 Beersheva was awesome. It was the home of Abraham for awhile. However, they were always moving around so it was one of the many. We learned a lot about the things that happened there on site. The Bible has never been so exciting to read. I can't believe I've only been here three weeks. I've learned so much.
 Beautiful Beersheva and a crooked hard hat.
We also went to Arad. I don't have any really cute pictures from that site though. It was a long field trip but it was so fun to be out in the desert for a day. Our bus for the day was called "No Name" and then on our bus ride we listened to "Riding through the desert on a horse with no name". Clever huh? Can I just say I've never felt more like being in a movie than I did then? Remember the scene in Holes when Stanley is on the bus heading to camp and the desert is rolling past him? Yeah - that was me. Straight up.

 Normally field trip days are Monday but this Thursday instead of having morning class we headed up to Jericho for a half day field trip! Lovin' it. Naturally the night before me and my roommate, Linds, sang Hilary Duff's song Jericho... "The wall will crumble, the walls will CRUMBLE!!! But I'm not gonna cry!" Classsssic.
 Me and Lindsey, my adorable roomie, overlooking the excavations at Jericho.
 We love Jericho. OR - YES
On the road from Jericho to Jerusalem.
This is where the story of the Good Samaritan took place.
 This is a monastery built in the side of a mountain. SO AMAZING. This trail from Jericho to Jerusalem was so beautiful. Unfortunately we were on a tight schedule so it was more of a fast walk/slight jog down the trail but it was sooo cool. If you saw my last blog post (the photo and quote) that was also a photo from the trail.

Random Adventures
Sometimes we don't have time to walk all the way into the city (about a 20 minute walk) so instead we walk down the street and buy chocolate at our favorite convenience store for a shekel (like a quarter) or to the store that sells in bulk that we call Costco. This is outside Costco.
 This week we also had a tour under the center. Yet another opportunity to wear cool hard hats!
I left my mark!!! Naturally the song "Tattoos on this Town" by Jason Aldean came to mind..."It sure left its mark on us, we sure left our mark on it.." I'm already missing Jerusalem and I still have 3 months left. Awkward.
 Me and Jenessa with the hundreds of other BYU student's signatures.
 Me and Tori reppin' our Arab gear out in the Old City shops. Note: I look pregnant because I'm wearing my super stylish fanny pack under my dress, not because I've eaten too many chocolate pitas (although that too is true).
Lastly, as mentioned in my last blog post my iron levels are too low and as a result my mission papers can't be processed. So I've been taking iron supplement pills for the last week or so. I finished my first sheet out of 3 just the other day!!!! Naturally I was so excited I took a picture. I CAN'T WAIT TO SERVE A MISSION. My heart just longs to leave and preach the gospel!

What a good week.

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