Saturday, February 16, 2013

My life is awesome. Really, it really is. This past Thursday was Valentine's Day and it was the most fun Valentine's Day I've had since elementary school. Straight up.

I woke up and while shuffling around trying to get ready for the day to look presentable to the world for once my roommate came in from breakfast and said I had a surprise at our door!!! I came out to this cute thing.
"Take my picture! One mascaraed eye and all!" Notice the mascara in my hand. Seriously, it was so sweet and such a fun way to start my Valentine's Day!
Once I finished getting ready I made the trek up to class (about a 25.5 second walk up a flight of stairs or so). Old Testament was good and then Israel/Judaism flew by (could that be because I spent the whole two hours writing valentines? hmmm). 
Me, Jenessa, and Sarah loving our break in between classes and looking super pretty!
After class me, Linds, and Meg went out into the city. Can I just say I have never felt more like a fish out of water? Here we were. Three white, Mormon girls walking around East Jerusalem. We were decked out in pink and reds. We stood out like a sore thumb. Naturally, we had probably 15+ guys shout out and offer to be our valentine....awkward. Being in the city on Valentine's Day was seriously so fun though. You see teenage girls walking around with flowers sticking out of their backpacks, men with a dozen roses jumping in their car to undoubtedly give them to their wives back home, kids of all ages running around with some sort of valentine. In so many ways it is like the states, yet not at all.
I was so happy to find a 1D magazine at the book store!
All the valentine stuff was in Arabic. So precious. We met the most awesome girl at this store. She was 14 and spoke perfect English. She told us we all looked pretty, buuuuut that if you wear red on Valentine's Day you will be made fun of - no matter who you were. It made us laugh. She was such a fun and cute girl. I asked her how she knew English so well and she said she just loved to learn and at the age of ten she flew to the US to attend a conference to speak on the Palestinian relations with the United States. AGE 10!!!! She was so awesome.
Then I came back and went to Arabic class. We ended up mostly talking and learning about the Arab culture when it comes to dating and marriage. It was really interesting and so fitting for Valentine's Day. Afterwards I walked out to find my roommate Lindsey drawing mustaches on people. Turns out our Arabic teacher hates mustaches so the whole second class decided to draw them on.
 How funny is that?
 The class all ready to go!! We followed them and watched from the doorway as they filed in one by one and our teacher yelled "Barra Barra!" which means "Get Out!" hahaha it was great.
 Our mailboxes were packed full with valetines, notes, and candy. It was so fun! Everyone just loves everyone!
 The day ended with the most beautiful sunset ever. It was perfect.
However, the party had just begun!!! DJ Sukran cranked up the tunes and the dance party started.
 At the dance!
These girls are my friends (awkward). I am super lucky (not). Just kidding! I love them!
 After one too many hair flips (I'm pretty sure Willow's command to flip my hair back and forth will be the death of me) we headed to the Oasis to eat some Valentine dessert and chill.
 I went back to my room exhausted when fireworks began!!!!!! I ran out to my porch and watched them as they ended the best day. Ummm okay. Is this real life?!
Me and my roommates read our valentines and ate the chocolate. I haven't felt this loved in a long time!
 I'm super popular. Obviously.

 Overall, it was a super fun day in Jerusalem. Valentine's Day 2013. A day for the books for sure :)

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