Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Shephelah, Shephelahhhh Goliath's back!"

Our Monday we hit up some archaeology sites on another awesome field trip day. We headed to the Shephelah, the low hills of Jerusalem. In the morning we visited "Beth Shemesh" which was near the birth place and burial site of Samson from the Bible. We had a devotional on Samson, learned some archaeology stuff, got a piece of pottery from the pottery dump, then frolicked in the beautiful wild flowers.

Then we headed to Tel Azekah overlooking the Valley of Elah. This is where the story of David and Goliath happened. So cool, right?

Overlooking the valley.

 Me and Rachel (LOVE this girl. She has inspired me to make a life bucket list and live it! One night in the hotel in Jordan we got talking and she showed me her life bucketlist and this Jerusalem study abroad is just one stop on her lifetime full of adventure. I seriously love that. Love Rachel!)

Just swinging a sling shot where David & Goliath happened. Epic much??

Loving the green and the warm weather!

A little bit of home in the Holy Land!

Next we visited Bet Guvrin which had the most amazing bell caves. We gathered in one and sang some hymns. The echo was amazing. I looove when we sing in caves. I'm not a good singer but I just love it.

 We went up a little and stopped at another part of Bet Guvrin where we walked through a ton of very intricate tunnel systems. They also had a few ancient oil presses. After, we had some time to walk around the extremely green hills. Apparently winter semester is the best time to go to Israel, can't you tell?

 An ancient tomb in Bet Guvrin.

Our last site was Tel Lachish. Which was a city since basically the beginning of time. By this time we were so exhausted but we treked through and I enjoyed every minute of it. The sun set rested so pretty on the land. I couldn't get enough of it.

It was an awesome field trip and a great way to start the week!!! When we got back Lindsey had a package. It had taken a month but her birthday package finally arrived from her family packed with art supplies and candy for my cute little artist roommate. Happy belated birthday Linds. Thanks for being the world's best roommate!! Love you!

Midterms killed my adventure this week so nothing new to report over the past four days, but tomorrow has fun plans already! More to come :)

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